• Welcome to the ICC Preferred Provider Program!
    Welcome to the ICC Preferred Provider Program!

    ICC’s Preferred Provider Program opens the door to extensive training opportunities from a variety of educational resources. The Program recognizes and promotes ICC-approved educational courses offered by a variety of education providers, focusing on the areas of construction codes, standards and guidelines, as well as building construction materials, products and methods.

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  • Participate in a Broad Network of Education Providers
    Participate in a Broad Network of Education Providers

    Becoming an ICC Preferred Provider allows for participation in an extensive network of educational and informational opportunities. Act now to be a partner in the Preferred Provider Network.

    Apply to be a Preferred Provider

  • Quick Tip: Renew your Preferred Provider Membership Online!
    Quick Tip: Renew your Preferred Provider Membership Online!
    Renew your provider status in three easy steps:
    1. Login to your Provider Account
    2. Click on Renew Membership on your profile page
    3. Complete the purchase through the storefront
  • Exclusive Electrical Digital Training Provider
    Exclusive Electrical Digital Training Provider
    IAEI has partnered with ICC to provide on-demand electrical training, from the basics of the NEC to how requirements regarding residential dwellings in the NEC and IRC impact your work.
For Providers

Education providers are encouraged to partner with ICC to greatly expand recognition of, and access to, available training needed to serve a broad learner base. Preferred Providers have the opportunity to communicate their programs, services and products to ICC’s broad audience of members and customers. Continue

For Students

An expansive listing of available educational courses, both onsite and online, is available to users of the Preferred Provider Program. Users have the opportunity to gain information about educational offerings and other services of Preferred Providers. In addition, ICC certificate holders may obtain CEUs from Preferred Providers that can be applied toward the renewal requirements of ICC’s certification program.

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