ICC Preferred Provider website recommended browsers

The list of browsers best for the PPP website and where to get them:

Microsoft Internet  ExplorerMozilla FirefoxApple Safari, orGoogle Chrome (latest versions)

Please use the latest version of one of browsers listed above.  Customized browsers or wrong settings on Explorer may cause you to experience problems using our site.

Trouble shooting Internet Explorer (IE) browser related issues:

- If you are unable to view the site properly before or after login then you may need to change the browser and document mode of your browser or may look for upgrading your IE version.

Following are the steps to check your compatibility mode

  • Open site http://ppp.iccsafe.org
  • Display Internet Explorer Developer Tools:
    • Press F12.
    • Press Alt, then follow the menu path Tools > Developer Tools.
  • In Developer Tools panel
    • Change Browser mode to 10 or 11 depending on your IE version
    • Change Document mode to IE 10 or 11 depending on your IE version.  Note your document mode should not be set to Quirks or any versions prior to IE10.

For IE 11 users - Internet Explorer Developer Tools


If the above can't resolve your issues, please upgrade your Internet Explorer to the latest version or use Latest Firefox or Chrome browsers.  You may contact your IT support department for further details.